6 of the Best Parenting and Pregnancy Apps That Are Free

Apps Social MediaDo you ever feel like it’s so hard to keep up with everything while being a parent or pregnant? I know I certainly do. While I try to minimize the amount of time I’m in front a screen, there are definitely some benefits to using technology to help make life a little easier. Below are a few of the apps that I like to use to do just that.

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Overcome These 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

Overcome These 7 Pregnancy SymptomsBelow are some of the pregnancy symptoms that I experienced personally and some of the things I tried that helped me.  Please seek the advice of your medical provider before trying anything. Continue reading “Overcome These 7 Pregnancy Symptoms”

5 Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

5 Things I Didn't Know About PregnancyMy husband and I originally planned to wait one year after getting married before trying to start our family.  Boy was I in for a surprise with how much I didn’t know about pregnancy until we started preparing for this journey. Continue reading “5 Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy”