Guest Post: Foster Parenting and the Importance of Choices

Foster Parenting and the Importance of ChoicesBefore I even introduce the author, I want to start off by saying that I believe all parents should read this post. You can be a foster parent, adoptive parent, biological parent, step parent, grandparent, soon-to-be parent, want-to-be parent, never-want-to-be parent but I love being an auntie/uncle, etc. So let’s get to it!

I met my friend Jacqui at a church in Greensboro, North Carolina that we were attending.  I love hearing about my friends who become foster parents so when I heard that Jacqui would become a foster parent, I was ecstatic. She shares with us her experience and what she has learned which I mentioned before, is great information for all parents.  Continue reading “Guest Post: Foster Parenting and the Importance of Choices”