Syrian Refugees and the Good Samaritan


There has been a lot of talk about Syrian refugees lately so I thought I would take a shot at explaining my views of the discussions.  To be completely honest, I’m quite sad to find that over half of US governors have said that they would not provide placement for Syrian refugees based on the argument that it would pose too great of a risk to national security.  Before you decide to stop reading if you disagree with me, I would like to challenge you to hear me out and read until the end.  Continue reading “Syrian Refugees and the Good Samaritan”

Applying Teachings from the Prophet Elijah’s Life to Today – Part 1

This is my fourth year going through the entire Bible in a year.  Many people think that the Bible is boring and doesn’t apply to today’s circumstances but I would have to disagree.  Each year that I read it, I see it completely different and I’m able to apply it in a way that I had never thought of before.  I’ve been reading about the prophet Elijah over the last week and I’ve learned a few things from his life that I would like to share because I believe we can also apply them to our lives. Continue reading “Applying Teachings from the Prophet Elijah’s Life to Today – Part 1”

The Love Challenge


This morning, I heard about the Charleston Church Massacre and I felt all sorts of emotions.  I grew up going to First Missionary Baptist Church in Selma, North Carolina (FMBC Selma) which is over 100 years old.  I would often attend Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study so the thought of somebody coming in and doing a similar act to the church that I grew up in simply because the members are black is quite chilling. Continue reading “The Love Challenge”