Listen Up America, We Need to Talk

Romans 15:1

If you are a person trying to understand why black people are upset at the police and why we are protesting, I invite you to read what I have to say that will hopefully address some of the questions that you may have. ¬†And if you’re not trying to understand these things, you’re still invited to read too. Continue reading “Listen Up America, We Need to Talk”

The Hunger Shame

I have a secret to share. In the picture above I’m at an Empty Bowls event at UNCG where many alumni gathered to paint bowls which would be sold to raise money for the food pantry on campus. I had a lot of fun catching up with my friend and also getting to know other people. But what nobody knew was that I was not receiving adequate nutrition at the time (I ate but not a balanced meal). I’m actually writing this the week before I leave to go to Brazil and I’m praying for a miracle to pay my final bills and also have money to buy the people who volunteer to help me move something to eat (I ended up being blessed by several people my last week). The reason I didn’t share (not even with my family) until now was because of Hunger Shame. Continue reading “The Hunger Shame”