Guest Post: Food Allergies in Children Part 2

Allergy free homemade pizza
Homemade Pizza, Gluten, Dairy and Egg free.

Did you know that some common school supplies can contain common allergens? Read Part 2 below of our 2-part series on Food Allergies in Children by our guest writer, Trista Swinson of Let’s Eat Safe.  If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out first and come back to finish Part 2. Continue reading “Guest Post: Food Allergies in Children Part 2”

Guest Post: Food Allergies in Children Part 1

Food Allergies in ChildrenI’m pleased to introduce to you my friend that I met in high school, Trista Swinson of Let’s Eat Safe.  We were both proud band geeks as we were part of our high school’s marching band as well as other bands at school.  Now, she is a wife and a mother to two beautiful children.  I invited her to write a post on food allergies since both of her children have severe food allergies and her experience has taught me so much.  While many people might think that people with severe food allergies are limited, I see a mom who goes above and beyond to provide safe yet delicious experiences for her family.

Trista shares a wealth of information on food allergies in children so we will feature her post in two parts.  Part 1 addresses many misconceptions and states various facts while Part 2 delves deeper into her family’s personal experience and include a delicious recipe that everybody can enjoy. Continue reading “Guest Post: Food Allergies in Children Part 1”

Territory Foods Review

Territory Foods ReviewConvenience is a big reason why many of us choose to go to a drive-thru instead of cook a well-balanced and healthy meal at home.  We all need to eat but when you’re on the go constantly or you’re trying to take care of a newborn like I am and pumping milk which feels like is never ending, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking.   Thankfully, there are services to help solve that problem like Territory Foods. Continue reading “Territory Foods Review”

Listen Up America, We Need to Talk

Romans 15:1

If you are a person trying to understand why black people are upset at the police and why we are protesting, I invite you to read what I have to say that will hopefully address some of the questions that you may have.  And if you’re not trying to understand these things, you’re still invited to read too. Continue reading “Listen Up America, We Need to Talk”

Melanoma Monday, My Skin Cancer Scare Story

When a person thinks of Melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer, some people assume that only people of fairer complexions get it or those who frequently went to tanning beds or stayed out in the sun too long.  Although these are increased risk factors for developing skin cancer, it is possible for those who don’t fit into the standard risk factors to also develop skin cancer and unfortunately, I know of some people who have passed away from it. Continue reading “Melanoma Monday, My Skin Cancer Scare Story”