Guest Post: Strategies to Overcome Parenting Struggles

Britney DentI am pleased to introduce to you my friend since elementary school, Britney Dent. She is also known as The Teen Choice Coach where she specializes in helping teens, and parents of teens make the best choices about their academics, health, and relationships. She is a wife, mother of three children, and a public school teacher.  Today, she shares with us how to overcome the many struggles we face as parents by applying a few strategies.

Have you ever felt like you were confused as to what to do with your child? Have you ever thought this parenting thing is not all people make it out to be? Have you ever been frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain tired of parenting? So have I! I know how it feels to be confused about parenting. Children do not come with a handbook or manual of instructions. All three of my children were born prematurely via c-section and each time was confusing and nerve-racking. However, the third time was not as scary as the first because it was something I had been through before.

The stress of parenting surely did not end in the hospital room or the huge days of relief when I brought my babies home, where they belonged. Each day as a mom brought about new joys and new struggles. Many times, I felt frustrated with the child who seemed inconsolable or the daughter who I thought would enter grade school in diapers because I sucked at potty training. Many times, I felt overwhelmed because the house was a mess and I burned the dinner and the baby was teething, all at the same time. And some days I was just plain tired; tired of cooking, tired of cleaning, tired of reading bedtime stories, tired of singing lullabies (with my bad singing voice the kids were probably tired of this too). However, I knew I had to find a way to overcome the struggles. I literally had to find a way because if not, I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack. See, I struggled with high blood pressure/hypertension for years and each pregnancy, delivery, and child rearing experience exacerbated it. My husband thought I was going to turn into the “hulk.”

So, being the teacher and inquisitive soul that I am and the anti-pharma person that I am, I began researching ways to overcome my parenting struggles and ideas to maintain my sanity and keep my blood pressure down. I knew I had many more years of figuring out this parenting thing so I could not let it take me out so early on.

Here is what I found out I needed to do: 

  • I needed to be proactive.
  • I needed to gain clarity.
  • I needed to remain positive.
  • I needed to develop a plan to overcome my parenting struggles.

I began getting clear on what I wanted to do as a mom and get clear on what health goals I needed to have as well as on how I wanted my children to remember their childhood. Once I got clear on that I began looking for ways to improve. I knew I had to be proactive and not reactive so I could be ready for what was to come in my parenting journey.

Here are a few things I did and still do to incorporate positivity in myself as a parent:

  • Practice Yoga
  • Do Zumba
  • Drink more water
  • Get massages
  • Listen to music
  • Take naps
  • Play with my children
  • Create family traditions
  • Be flexible

Many parents feel guilty for doing these things because of the time they take and the money they cost but it is important and necessary that you do some of these things or activities similar to them to maintain your sanity, keep your blood pressure at an appropriate level, and remain positive despite the parenting struggles you will encounter. You are already an amazing parent so continue to learn and grow and improve.

Strategies to Overcome Parenting Struggles

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