Guest Post: Making Memories

Making MemoriesI’m pleased to introduce to you my dear friend, Saundretta James of Live Alive and Free. We met in 2007 when we both studied abroad in Mazatlan, Mexico and we have stayed in touch ever since.  She is a wife, a mother, and an author among many other things.  Today, she gives us a few tips on Making Memories.

When I create memories with my family, it’s not to show off on Social Media.

This idea has truly kept me focused on the moment. So here’s how I create memories…

Tap Into The Senses

What does this experience smell, taste, feel, sound, look like? I ask myself this question in order to make myself more present. I’ll also casually ask my family members the same, while within the experience.

“Hey, [son/daughter/hubby] what does this taste like?”

The brain can recall the senses!

Later, I remind everyone by saying,

“Hey, [son/daughter/hubby] what did you like about…”

Recalling, helps solidify our memory regardless of the pictures.

Include Everyone In The Plan

If it doesn’t include everyone. What’s the point?

I used to travel alone so as not to accommodate others! Now, I travel with three other companions and I am in love with them to the point of asking myself every time we go somewhere, “Does this work for everyone included?” If no, we wait.

Create Fun, By Being Flexible

With four people to create memories with, I let loose by allowing others to have their own experience. By simply, having fun, I am not so focused on micromanaging how everyone has fun!

I cannot say this wasn’t a challenge for me.


Take Lots of Pictures!

I only post the ones that if others secretly “copied and pasted,” and I saw these pictures in their house…I wouldn’t be upset over!

I keep the gems, and give Social Media the “scraps!”

This way the memories we shared cannot be experienced by anyone else but who was there, bonding us as a sacred family unit!

I think I was born with the thing I needed to exercise the most…the ability, to create memories!

Making Memories

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