Overcome These 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

Overcome These 7 Pregnancy SymptomsBelow are some of the pregnancy symptoms that I experienced personally and some of the things I tried that helped me.  Please seek the advice of your medical provider before trying anything.


I’m so thankful that I didn’t have really bad morning sickness.  I did experience some nausea though.  Sometimes, it was triggered by smell such as dirty dishes while other times, it just simply happened.  Some things are harder to control than others but do the best you can.  Start by letting people in your household know what triggers it so that they can help.  Perhaps the trash will need to be taken out a little more often or you need help with the dishes.  It might even be that a person’s perfume or cologne is a bit too strong.  Kindly let them know.

Ginger helps with nausea as well.  It’s best to try and add in natural ginger but I honestly wasn’t thinking about that while I was pregnant.  I’m not a big soda drinker but I loaded up on the ginger ale.  The carbonation helped as well.  Crackers can also help to settle a bit of nausea.


Sorry readers but this is just me being 100% honest with you.  Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are awful.  Tucks wipes are great.  I didn’t care for the smell but the coolness of the wipe and the medication they put in there worked wonders.


Before getting pregnant, I would say that I went to the bathroom fairly regularly.  However, giving into some of my pregnancy cravings which typically weren’t very healthy choices, made this area challenging.  I struggled to add more fiber in my diet through eating whole foods so I ended up going the processed route and purchasing Fiber One products such as bars and cereal.  I recommend trying to eat healthy whole foods first but if all else fails, try to get fiber in any way that you can.  I also drank prune juice which I do not care that much for the taste but it worked. 

Back Pain

Back pain was one of my earliest symptoms before I even had a positive pregnancy test.  Earlier in my pregnancy, I was working and sitting at a desk all day.  It was important to try and get up and walk around often.  My Fitbit was set to alert me if I had not taken at least 250 steps in that hour.  Daily stretching, self massage, and applying light heat helped to ease some of the pain.

Stretch Marks

I did not get one single stretch mark, at least that I can tell, while I was pregnant.  I really didn’t think that was going to happen since I got quite a few growing up.  I drank plenty of water, moisturized often in the areas that are prone to getting stretch marks while your pregnant (belly, breasts, butt, thighs), and ate protein.  It is thought that all of these things help to improve the elasticity of the skin which means that as it stretches, you decrease the chances that it will break which causes the stretch mark.  Some people say that there is nothing that you can do to prevent stretch marks.  It is possible that I still wouldn’t have gotten stretch marks had I not done any of the above but I would rather try something than to do nothing.

Lack of Sleep

This one was difficult for me.  I absolutely love my sleep but unfortunately, I’m a light sleeper and I wake up for everything.  It’s important to limit caffeine consumption during pregnancy but if you do have some, make sure it’s towards the beginning of your day.  A pregnancy pillow really helped me a lot and I even lugged that huge pillow with me when we traveled on our Babymoon.  Because we had an extra bedroom, I was able to get some good rest when I could take up as much room as I wanted and toss and turn as often as I needed to in order to get comfortable without feeling like I was disturbing my husband.

Going to the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night

This was one of my least favorite symptoms of being pregnant.  I tried not to drink liquids too late before going to bed which I highly recommend.  I also recommend going trying to go to the bathroom before going to bed whether you need to or not.  After you finish, try to lean forward a bit to make sure your bladder is fully emptied.  Give yourself a minute or two before getting up because sometimes, you will find that you’re still not finished yet.

What symptoms did you have while pregnant and how did you manage them?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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